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Our Story

Italics Boutique opened in February of 2016. It is an online boutique that provides unique, on-trend, affordable clothing and accessories to women.

It is operated strictly online; we do not have a physical location. However, we operate and ship out of Clarion, Iowa.

Meet the Owner

Introduction: Hello My Fellow Shoppers! My name is Ali. I am a wife and mother of two beautiful children in Clarion, a small town in north central Iowa. I currently work full-time as a marketing specialist, and I love my job. I graduated from Simpson College in Indianola in 2010 with a degree in Marketing and a minor in English.

So why did I open an online boutique? I have always loved fashion. As far back as I can remember, I loved putting outfits together and adding coordinating accessories. My mom tells this story about me when I was little: I always wore my shirt tail tucked up into the top of my shirt or tied with a hair tie like a bikini because I thought it was fashionable. In high school, my friend and I put on a fashion show for a class project with outfits we coordinated and "borrowed" from major retailers. And in college I worked at a couple of different clothing and shoe retailers... I think I spent most of my paycheck buying those same clothes and shoes I was selling!

For the longest time, I wanted to be a fashion designer but ended up going the "safe" route and studying business and marketing. Plus, I was so nervous that making it my job would somehow ruin the love I have for fashion. I thought that one day I might get the courage to open my own clothing store, because I absolutely love to shop! I especially love little boutique stores where you can find unique items that you can't always find at those big box chain stores. I love pieces that have a story to tell.

The rest is history! It wasn't until I had the idea of opening an online boutique that I thought it might be possible to dip my fashion-loving fingernails into the industry. I knew I had the business and marketing background that could help my business grow. Plus, I thought that opening my own online boutique could be the perfect way to become somewhat of a personal shopper for all my customers. If God blesses me, there may be a storefront in my future. But if not, I am happy and I truly appreciate all of my customers helping me fulfill my childhood dream of "being in the fashion industry"!

What's in a Name?

The word, “italics” came to me when I was searching the web for a name for my boutique. It struck me in two ways…

One: If you haven’t picked up on it yet, it has my name in it!

And two: I love how the meaning can relate to fashion. The word italics, pronounced [ih-tal-iks] is an adjective that means: of or relating to a style of printing types in which letters usually slope to the right and is used for emphasis. I have adapted this meaning as my own personal tagline for my boutique:

Italics, pronounced [ih-tal-iks], adjective: of or relating to a style of fashion, used for emphasis.